Technological Convergence & Regulation

The fast paced growth of the Internet, transformations of media consumption and the number of new emerging media platforms has challenged the current Australian media regulation framework. To illustrate some perspective on the nature of digital convergence I have included a video from Youtube, a website contributing to such growth that was declared last year to have the second greatest percentage of social media site users in Australia at 47.11% of the population behind Facebook with 51.45% (Adcorp 2012).

With the Australian public having access to such huge amounts of media and over so many growing and changing platforms, a consistent framework is in demand and a singular regulatory body is being debated. The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) stated after the review of the National Classification Scheme, that due to the nature of media convergence a framework concerning media content rather than the media platform should be developed to regulate media in Australia (ALRC 2011). However, with technological convergence and the changing nature of media consumption posing such a threat to our current framework it presents a challenge that does not seem realistically achievable for a single body to regulate. These media platforms that produce such large masess of information are bound to continue their rapid growth in the near future. Those who stand to be impacted by this debate include not only the media owners but most importantly the public as they are not just an audience but also now regular participants in the production and sharing of media.

In my opinion, even though the task of regulating such a huge mass of growing digital platforms would be difficult and may even prove to be impossible, a singular regulatory body can assist in a more consistent result if the framework is developed and maintained with the ability to adapt to convergent media and ongoing change.

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